My name is Emily Dykstra. This is my online folio page which highlights the breadth of my work. 

My background is in print and branding, which I’ve done with small and large companies alike. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to design for, Discovery Channel, Jim Beam, Waterman Pens, Rolodex and Sharpie, in addition to many smaller companies whose names are less recognized. 

I am an enthusiastic designer with many years of experience in the design field. In that time I’ve come to recognize that a marketing project is more than just colors and shapes and images; it requires clear communication and collaboration behind it. I intentionally aim to keep the dynamic strong and fun. 

In my personal life, I’m married to a hilarious and super smart man. To add to the fun, we had two daughters. Then a dog.

 I love bringing out the best in people and projects. I’d be happy to have a
conversation if my design services could benefit you.



Sharpie Micro needed point of purchase collateral. These boxes were created to be small to highlight the size of the new product.

Sharpie Micro

Knob Creek

Knob Creek postcard to encourage enthusiasts to win a trip to a Jim Beam guest house.

Knob Creek

Republic Services

This design offered a fun challenge of taking a great amount of info and distilling it into interesting sound bites. The purpose of this piece was to educate citizens about recycling and solid waste.

Republic Image

Republic Image 2


STIC Branding

STIC wanted a more professional and polished look to their technology brand. I created the logo and all the collateral.

STIC Collateral


Rolodex Branding

I worked with a team of people to consult the creation of the Rolodex logo rebrand and to infuse that branding on all the new collateral.

Rolodex Packaging

EIO Branding

A corporate coaching firm wanted new branding to highlight their different divisions. The brands needed to look like they were from the same family.

 EIO Branding


EIO Branding

Corporate Campaigns

This company wanted to create an internal campaign to bolster team spirit.


SpaceMaker needed new packaging to highlight their modular solutions and to distinguish their shelf space from competitors. 


Fine Pens Brochure

This brochure was used by sales to generate interest and educate retailers about the separate brands. It was important to convey a professional tone of voice.

Parker/Waterman Brochure 


Summer Trip

Winter Trip

Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat



 Tshirt Design


Youth Posters

2020 Retreat

 Women's Church Group

This women's group didn't want to have polite, frilly graphics. We worked to make their messaging strong and smart.

She Build

She Build Poster

SheBuild Tshirt


Rooted Brochure 


World Relief 1

Your Heart has helped to make a home


Icons for Brochure



 At the Lake Book Illustration

At the Lake

At the Lake

At the Lake

At the Lake

At the Lake


Sweet Mercy Design Images

Mini Cards


Blue Jays


Tote Bags

State Birds